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Hi all,
I'm not able to break/step into a D DLL with ddbg 0.11.3:
 - implemented DM example at
 - compiled and runned with:
     * dmd -g -ofmydll.dll mydll2.d dll.d mydll.def
     * implib/system mydll.lib mydll.dll
     * dmd -g test.d mydll.lib
     * ddbg -cmd=" bp mydll2.d:4;r" test.exe
The stack is broken, in reality every step over/into simply skips to the
calling function in the exe. Adding more stuff into the DLL does not help.
Someone can help me?
Paolo Invernizzi

Ddbg 0.11.3 beta - D Debugger
Copyright (c) 2007 Jascha Wetzel
see http://ddbg.mainia.de/doc.html for documentation

Loading symbols from test.exe
->bp mydll2.d:4
Source file "mydll2.d" not found
Breakpoint set: mydll2.d:4 all threads
No symbols available from ntdll.dll
Source file "mydll2.d" not found
ntdll.dll loaded at 0x7c910000
No symbols available from KERNEL32.dll
Source file "mydll2.d" not found
KERNEL32.dll loaded at 0x7c800000
Loading symbols from MYDLL.DLL
MYDLL.DLL loaded at 0x10000000
No symbols available from USER32.dll
USER32.dll loaded at 0x7e390000
No symbols available from GDI32.dll
GDI32.dll loaded at 0x77e40000
Unknown breakpoint hit at ntdll.dll (0x7c911230) thread(2244)
Breakpoint 0 hit at mydll2.d:4 0x402013 thread(2244)
    printf("hello dll world\n");
#0 _Dmain () at test.d:5
#1 0x004036a4 in _main () from dmain2
#2 0x0041cb5d in _mainCRTStartup () from constart
#3 0x7c816fd7 in ?? () from KERNEL32.dll
hello dll world
test.d:6 0x402019 thread(2244)
   return 0;
Aug 29 2008