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digitalmars.D.bugs - bugzilla usage tips

The last few days have shown an increase in the number of people helping 
maintain the data in bugzilla.  This, in general, is a good thing. 
However, I feel compelled to point out a few things that make some types 
of help more harmful than helpful:

1) Don't move the version number forward from some old version number to 
some current version number.  It's a lot more interesting to know when a 
but was introduced than that it's broken in the current version.

2) No need to report that a bug is still broken with any newer version. 
  That the bug is open is enough to show that.  There are hundreds of 
bugs and re-reporting them every version would be.. well.. noisy.

3) Don't close a bug as fixed unless you're _sure_ it's fixed.  Someone 
went through the effort to report a bug.  Thomas went through the effort 
of adding a suite of tests to exercise the bug and all the fun different 
angles he's so good at coming up with.  Double and triple check before 
closing it.  Check the dstress test results.  If you believe a bug to be 
fixed, please clearly demonstrate what testing you did to prove it.

Jan 23 2007