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digitalmars.D.bugs - Problem with std.process.execvp and redirected stdout.

The program I am invoking - slave.exe - simply displays its arguments on stdout.

import std.process;
import std.c.stdio;

int main(string[] args)
   // This compiles and runs.  It creates out.txt but the file is
   // empty.
   string[] pargs = [ "?", "A", "B" ];
   freopen("out.txt", "w", stdout);
   int rv = execvp("slave.exe", pargs);
   return rv;

// If I build the following VC6 program it behaves as expected
// I see the echoed arguments in out.txt
   char *pargs[4];
	pargs[0] = "?";
	pargs[1] = "A";
	pargs[2] = "B";
	pargs[3] = NULL;
	freopen("out.txt", "w", stdout);
	execvp("slave.exe", pargs);
	return 0;

Without the freopen, slave.exe displays the arguments to the console and then
hangs - the C program behaves the same way in that case.

I tried constructing an array of char* arguments explicitly with a terminating
null, and then calling std.c.process.execvp, but the behavior is the same.
Jul 30 2007