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digitalmars.D.bugs - Please fix bugzilla 107

Namely, this is the problem where instantiating a template (normally or 
through a mixin) from a file different from the template's file causes the 
error message location to be wrong.  That is:

module file1;
import std.stdio;

void Foo(T)(T val)
    static if(!is(T : int))
         Error_Wrong_Type(); // "reporting" an error


module file2;
import file1;


Foo(4.5); // line 100

Gives, among other errors, the error

file1.d(100): template instance file1.Foo!(double) error instantiating

Notice that it gives the file where the template is declared, but the _line 
of where it's instantiated_, so you end up with a completely bogus location, 
making it very difficult to track down where the error actually is. 
Sep 30 2006