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digitalmars.D.bugs - Mixin problem when compiled as a lib

The error message I'm getting is (this is with DMD v0.174):

 Error 42: Symbol Undefined __init_15TypeInfo_B4AaAa
--- errorlevel 1

I have a package built into a lib (cut down as much as I can), see below for 
source or see attached zip for a version ready to build.

The compile works as a lib in the following cases:

    - log.d is excluded from the compile and lib (its not referenced or used 
in the code in any case)
    - the writefln is commented out (in log.d / abc)
    - the throw PropertiesException is commented out (in properties.d / 

and it also works if all the files are built at once.

Code listing:


    log.d ------------------------------

       module mod.log;

       import std.stdio;

       void abc( char[] s )
        writefln( "Info: %s", s );

    properties.d ------------------------------ (mixin defined here)

        module mod.properties;

        class PropertiesException : Exception
         this( char[] message )
          super( message );

        template Properties()
         void setFloat( char[] name, float value )
          _floats[name] = value;

         float getFloat( char[] name )
          float* value = name in _floats;

          if( value is null )
           throw new PropertiesException( std.string.format( "getFloat: 
property does not exist: %s", name ) );

          return *value;

         float[char[]] _floats;

    block.d ------------------------------ (mixin used here)

        module mod.block;

        import mod.properties;

        import std.string;

        class Block
         mixin Properties!();


    main.d ------------------------------

        import mod.block;

        void main()
         new Block();

    build.bat ------------------------------

set PATH=d:\d\dm\bin;d:\d\dmd\bin;d:\D\dmd\html\d;%PATH%
dmd -c -w -I. mod/log.d mod/properties.d mod/block.d
lib -c mod.lib log.obj properties.obj block.obj
dmd -I. main.d mod.lib

begin 666 dtest.zip
M4$L#! H``````$6U=C4````````````````&````9'1E<W0O4$L#!!0````(
M`/6T=C707-D5 0```, ````/````9'1E<W0O8G5I;&0N8F%T18VQ#L( %$5W
M$O[A+1UY[C8.) ZZ.71D*7U$42BD8/K[[2,T;N?>W).;;8'G=;A?Z*Q)4]#&
MS7UC.L*MAG<)7E/?\;R38J] 3:!64 ^$$.GDXPNI4EIBLDMQ-K?"^#A]D:3P
MSNP6=\C(2C0?^ LUUCE3N^&#T<U(ARA%&G_92K$!4$L#!!0````(`,VT=C41
M4GZY- ```#<````,````9'1E<W0O;6%I;BYDR\PMR"\J4<C-3]%+RLE/SK;F
MY>+E*LO/3%'(3<S,T]#DY:KFY>+,2RU7< )):V "%=3R< $`4$L#! H`````
M`%:T=C4````````````````*````9'1E<W0O;6]D+U!+`P04````" #WM'8U
M^<G9UKQ<O%R9N07Y125 P8*B_(+4HI+,U&)DF>*2%+WBDJ+,O'2P:').8G&Q
M A-(/R]7-2\79VYF16:>0 !<KZ*&)E!A+2\7`%!+`P04````" ! M'8U)M?5
MRBQ)3<O)TU!0\LQ+R[=24"U6T %)`_75 K0"`%!+`P04````" !*M'8U7]+Q
M%/H```#L`0``% ```&1T97-T+VUO9"]P<F]P97)T:65S+F1MD=UJA# 0A:]7
M\!V&A8(NBP^PRUZVU[T768*.;B FDAGWA])W[Z1)K1<2,7+.Y)LS<73=;!!D
MJR;O)O2LD<YY%E9K%!%\+O+[L\6)M;-P N4[S[[R;,<W306T-^7K!D8D4 -"
M*48P=S0+H?C7SR)^YYD\83&.DU&,JTY%&;%WISL Y _C%"]\JT8\0A\TN"LS
MKSI=?U6J0TD#EVBG=O*.9X8MX,*(18=$OD136TAH 84BW1>I0A/8V1 H RP7
MCSQ["X>M$>LX6+,*+>X/4$L!`A0`" ``````1;5V-0````````````````8`
M```````````0`````````&1T97-T+U!+`0(4`!0````(`/6T=C707-D5 0``
M`, ````/````````````( ```"0```!D=&5S="]B=6EL9"YB87102P$"% `4
M````" #-M'8U$5)^N38````W````# ```````````" ```#2````9'1E<W0O
M;6%I;BYD4$L!`A0`" ``````5K1V-0````````````````H````````````0
M````, $``&1T97-T+VUO9"]02P$"% `4````" #WM'8U4;T"^54```!O````
M$0```````````" ```!:`0``9'1E<W0O;6]D+V)L;V-K+F102P$"% `4````
M" ! M'8U)M?5TUH```!C````#P```````````" ```#>`0``9'1E<W0O;6]D
M+VQO9RYD4$L!`A0`% ```` `2K1V-5_2\13Z````[ $``!8```````````` 
Nov 22 2006