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digitalmars.D.bugs - Assertion failure: '!vthis->csym' on line 412 in file 'glue.c'

In the midst of trying to re-write Pyd's function wrapper (again), I 
managed to trip this new and interesting assert in DMD 0.174. I don't 
have a small test case (I'm tired, it's late), but it involves (follow 
along, now) passing a variable, which happens to be a delegate, as a 
template alias parameter (as per the feature added in 0.173), and 
calling it with a tuple slice. This also happens to occur inside of a 
static foreach. It does /not/ crash when I pass a normal function in as 
the alias parameter.

It is also curious to note that the assert doesn't seem to trip until 
the code is done compiling. Pyd is sprinkled with pragma(msg)s, but all 
of them get to print out before the assert trips. However, the cause of 
the crash is definitely near the "middle" of the compilation process. 
(After the function wrapping, but right at the start of the class wrapping.)

I guess this is what I get for stretching DMD to its very limits. :-)

Kirk McDonald
Pyd: Wrapping Python with D
Dec 02 2006