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digitalmars.D.bugs - DMD 0.95: Anonymous functions are only instantiated once in mixins.

This code fails with the errors:

     foo.d(5): function call (void(*value)(char[]v)) does not match 
argument types (v
oid(*)(int v))
     foo.d(5): cannot implicitly convert void(*)(int v) to void(*)(char[]v)

It should compile correctly; the anonymous function in foo.func is not 
being instantiated for each mixin.  This is the code:

     template foo (type)
         void func ()
             call (function void (type v) { });

     struct tvec (type)
         mixin foo! (type);
         void call (void function (type v) value) { }

     tvec! (int) a;
     tvec! (char []) b;
Jul 17 2004