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digitalmars.D.bugs - [Semi-OT] Requesting improvements to the Bugzilla installation

Walter has claimed that he doesn't like Bugzilla being used for 
enhancement requests.

But what about enhancement requests to the Bugzilla installation itself, 
considering that these aren't Walter's department?

In particular, I'd like to suggest a few new keywords.

undefined - for bugs where correct compiler behaviour isn't clear from 
the spec.  This could cover both where the point of the bug report was 
to point out an ambiguity or inconsistency in the spec, and where 
discussion on a bug has revealed that the spec isn't clear on the issue.

warning - for bugs in DMD's (or GDC's) generation of warnings.  I'm not 
sure if it's worth separating it into three cases:
- a warning is generated but shouldn't
- a warning fails to be generated (where either the documentation or 
existing compiler behaviour dictates that it should)
- a warning is badly worded


Version: 3.1
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May 18 2006