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reply Carlos Santander <csantander619 gmail.com> writes:
In the section Predefined Macros, the value for DDOC_PARAMS is wrong. It should

$(B Params:)$(BR)
$(TABLE $0)$(BR)

Instead of the current:

$(TABLE $0)$(BR)$(BR)

Maybe all the definitions should be copied from dmd/doc.c just to be sure?

Carlos Santander Bernal
May 08 2006
parent reply Walter Bright <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Thanks, fixed.
May 12 2006
parent jcc7 <jcc7_member pathlink.com> writes:
In article <e41j46$1akl$1 digitaldaemon.com>, Walter Bright says...
Thanks, fixed.
Thanks for the fix. Also in the "Predefined Macros" example, I think that DL = <dl>$$0</dl> should be DL = <dl>$0</dl> jcc7
May 12 2006