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digitalmars.D.bugs - I wonder

Bugs still out fall into a few categories. (Of course, everyone has 
their own set of categories, so this is but one [incomplete] such.)

  - Hard to find, easy to fix
  - Easy to find, hard to fix
  - Esoteric
  - Trivial nuisance, trivial but labourious to fix
  - Conceptually hard to grasp the existence of the bug
  - Boring to fix while easy to work around
  - Interesting
  - Practical newbie traps (easy or hard to fix)
  - Conceptual/Theoretical traps (easy or hard to fix)
  - Publicity stigmatizers (= easy for C++ folks to shoot at)
  - Other Embarrassing bugs

My intention is not to have this (or that of others') characterisation 
become canonical. But I'd like to have the (public or classified) list 
of All known bugs in D, rated according to these (or other suiteble) 

While Walter decides which bug to fix, this list should never be 
slavishly followed. Rather, he does what he does, but if in doubt, or if 
he feels for the moment that he wants to follow something else than his 
own [whatever], then such a list could come in handy.

Having such a list could even help in deciding which bugs can be 
out-sourced and which can't.

Apr 29 2006