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digitalmars.D.bugs - abnormal program termination

I'm not at all sure whether this is supposed to work, nor do I need it to
work, but here it is


module test;

template Polytype(uint N : 3){uint I = 1;}

class Mesh(uint N)
 alias Polytype!(N).I I;

alias Mesh!(3) Mesh3;

void main()


DMD/0.94 prints


template instance Polytype!(3) does not match any template declaration
template instance Polytype!(3) cannot resolve forward reference
Assertion failure: 'semanticdone == 0' on line 1189 in file 'template.c'

Abnormal program termination


The assertion failure seems to support the theory that something fishy is
goin on.

(ps. Thanks for DMD/0.94; it allowed me to use structs again and that surely
made my program run pleasantly smooth.)
Jun 28 2004