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digitalmars.D.bugs - Internal error: ..\ztc\cod1.c 1293

When attempting to compile the latest Mango source, I caught this nasty.  Using
command line:
 build  mango -inline -O
Will exhibit the error:
 Internal error: ..\ztc\cod1.c 1293
It requires that those two specific command line arguments be present, at minimum, for the error to manifest. Using dmd's -v output, I think the offending code is in mango.utils.Timer, as that is where it gets to before issuing this error. The specific offending function is mango.utils.Timer.update() which looks like: # private final void update () # { # volatile time = (System.getMillisecs() / interval) * interval; # } So... I'd say what's happening, is that DMD is marking it as a candidate for inlining -- since its a one-liner anyhow -- and then barfing all over the 'volatile' attribute, perhaps? Should the 'private' attribute prevent inlining, especially since both of the fields referanced ('time', and 'interval') are private? Dunno. -- Chris Sauls
Jan 02 2006