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digitalmars.D.bugs - -ofd: outputs to root directory instead of current on that drive

Using DMD 0.140, Windows 98SE.

If you do

dmd something.d -ofd:something.exe

or simply

dmd something.d -ofd:

then the output goes to the root directory of drive d, regardless of 
what directory is current on that drive.  It should be outputting to the 
directory that is current on the drive.


dmd something.d -ofd:tests\

should output to the directory called tests under the current directory 
on drive d.

(Aside from this bug, another issue is that the trailing backslash is 
required, otherwise it creates tests.exe regardless of the presence or 
absence of a directory called tests.  Is this supposed to happen?)

Strangely, it correctly interprets the same notation used to specify the 
name of a source file.

If I do it on -od, then it places the .obj file in the right place, but 
the linker has trouble finding it.  So it would appear that the whole 
bug is in the linker....


Version: 3.1
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Dec 05 2005