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digitalmars.D.bugs - Protection modifiers not honored in nested struct/class/union

I know nested classes (and probably structs and unions) will be getting an 
overhaul soon, so this is maybe one of the things that can be worked on:

Protection modifiers (public, private, package) are ignored in nested 
structs, classes, and unions.


import mymod;

void main()
 A a=new A;

 // this line is illegal

 // but this line is OK

module mymod;

class A
 private int mX;

 private struct B
  private static int mY;

Uncommenting the commented code in dtest.d shows that regular members have 
their protection modifiers honored.  However, the private mY in the private 
struct B is as accessible as if it were public.  This happens if B is a 
class or struct as well. 
May 30 2005