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digitalmars.D.bugs - Thread Error: failed to start

I have a simple multithreaded server that creates Threads as it receives
connections from the network.  Once a connection is terminated, the Thread
returns 0 from int run(), as it should.  After some large number of connections,
I receive the error ThreadError: Thread error: failed to start when trying to
create a new connection-handling Thread.  Does the GC not collect Thread

I've attempted to rectify the situation by creating a pool of reuasble Thread
objects and trying to restart them.  No dice.  It seems that once you start() a
Thread, there's no going back.  Even if the thread's int run() returns 0, it's
not possible to restart it.  Do I have to explicity delete the old Thread
objects?  I could try that, since I haven't yet.  It just seems silly that a
Thread cannot be reusable.

BTW, I should mention that I'm working on Linux.

James Dunne
May 04 2005