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digitalmars.D.bugs - [docs.grammar] missing/deprecated entries

The nonterminal FunctionBody is referenced two times 
(declaration.html and expression.html) but nowhere defined.

The ClassConstructur is defined to be
  this ( ) BlockStatement
1) the ParameterList is not required to be empty as the docs itself 
show some lines down.
2) The only possibility of declarations in a Blockstatement is via 
the DeclarationStatement which restricts the programmer to declaring 
variables as the grammar states and the words describe. But this is 
not true, because nested function declarations are possible at least 
in the BlockStatement of the constructor.

From a rough run over dmd's parser in parse.c I have the impression, 
that the BlockStatement, FunctionBody and ClassBody in fact currently 
are identical.

Apr 29 2005