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digitalmars.D.bugs - The IV PPPR (Pending Peeves Progress Review)

It's that time of the DMD life cycle again, when the fractional part of 
the version number happens to be congruent to 0 modulo 10.  So let's see 
how the peeves are progressing....


Finally, age-old bugs are getting fixed.  For once, the last of the 
attribute overloading bugs seems to be fixed.  I still don't know they 
managed to act like one bug underlying all the attributes when they were 
actually separate bugs, but at least that's history now.

Structs can now be used as AA keytypes.  However, a bit of a mess was 
made in implementing this detail:


And we finally have documentation on the abstract attribute.  And for 
once, abstract classes are really abstract.  But there are still things 
to be done here.


So, the 'Bugs in DMD' section of the page is slowly working towards 
being finally cleaned out.

But the other sections of the pending peeves aren't progressing so much. 
  OK, so a few things have changed.  We now finally have std.file.copy. 
  At first it copied just the contents of the file, but now on Windows 
it copies the file properly.  So for Windows it seems the issue's now 
wrapped up, but there's still work to be done on the Linux implementation.


And a few months ago Walter decided that array operations are to be 
removed from the 1.0 spec.


So it looks like drawing in old Fortraners is going to wait a while. 
This also raises the question: to what extent is D still really for 
numerical programmers?  But the real issue left here is that the feature 
is still waiting to be removed from the spec.  Until this is done, we 
still have this feature that's in the language but not in the compiler.

So, I guess that while DMD is still by no means ready for 1.0, at least 
it's getting somewhere.  So, who knows how many more PPPRs there'll be 
before DMD 1.0 comes out?

Happy programming everyone!


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the 'group where everyone may benefit.
Apr 08 2005