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c++.announce - recls 1.6.1: recls/Python; major library source refactoring; ready for (re)inclusion in Phobos (with license ramifications); future plans


1. The library implementation has been trimmed significantly, resulting in code
reductions of ~10% for both source and object size (despite increases in
functionality). Download latest at http://recls.org/downloads.html

2. I've now implemented a Python mapping, giving the option of Ruby or Python
recls scripting

3. The function Recls_Stat() has been added, which takes a path+flags, and
provides a recls_info_t corresponding to that path. This allows the full rich
descriptor object for individual files, which is very handy. All mappings have
been updated accordingly, e.g. recls.stat in Python, std.recls.stat() in D,
Recls::stat() in Ruby, etc. etc.

4. The D mapping has been made compatible with the current Phobos, and should be
easily integrated into the next release. This'll get std.recls in synch with the
docs, which has been a problem for some time. Note that the license for recls
changed to BSD some time ago (1.5.3), but since Phobos is still using recls
which uses the Synesis Software Standard Source License, incorporation of 1.6.1
will result in a license change from the perspective of D users.

5. A much wider compatibility with compilers has been effected, and the
are now much more comprehensive. (They're auto-generated from a new makefile
generator template that I've written - in Python - which I plan to make
very soon.)

6. Updated/improved documentation, for most/all mappings, including the .NET
stuff. All available at http://recls.org/help/index.html and

Also, please take note of the following

Note: This release depends on STLSoft 1.8.3 beta 3 or later. Available at

Note: All these changes will be documented in the July (and possibly September)
instalments of my Positive Integration column in CUJ. (http://www.cuj.com  /

Note: The next big change for recls will be the total reimplementation of recls
2.0. This will include customisable plug-in pattern matching, search filtering
size/date/type/pattern/etc., cancellable search progress callbacks, recursive
search of other types (e.g. Win32 registry, CVS, etc.). It will probably also be
written in C as well as C++, to pare the size right down and to make it
with some recalcitrant compilers, such as Watcom. I'll be open to feature
on this for the next couple of months, so please feel free to make them. I
to release this sometime in mid 2005


Matthew Wilson

Author: "Imperfect C++", Addison-Wesley, 2004
Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal
STLSoft moderator

"But if less is more, think how much more more will be!" -- Dr Frazier Crane

Mar 18 2005