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digitalmars.D.bugs - Incorrect module names

The following files either have no module name specified, or a wrong one.

    has "module uni;"
    should be "module std.uni;"

    has nothing specified.
    should be "module std.c.stddef;"

    has nothing specified.
    should be "module std.c.math;"

There is also an linker issue with the definition ...

wchar_t	 putwc(wchar_t c, FILE *fp)	{ return fputwc(c, fp); }

found in stc\c\stdio.d

The linker (when compiling phobos) reports ...

C:\DPARNELL\dm\bin\..\lib\SNN.lib(fputwc)  Offset 09B94H Record Type 00C3
 Error 1: Previous Definition Different : _putwc

Melbourne, Australia
1/03/2005 4:14:40 PM
Feb 28 2005