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digitalmars.D.bugs - More quirks with Phobos unit tests

[DMD 0.109 Linux, Fedora Core 1]

If I just compile the library with
the Makefile (linux.mak), it skips
all the tests and reports Success ?
(since it doesn't define -unittest)

If I add -release -unittest, then it
also skips the unittests but that is
probably documented somewhere in the
D versioning documentation (I hope?)

So I enabled "-O -unittest" and also a
"-O2 -g" for CFLAGS (for the C parts)
and that runs all the tests upon start
(one fails, BTW, but that's a beside...)

But: if I enable *all*: "-O -release -unittest",
then the unittest program segfaults upon launch!

GDB reports the following stacktrace, for ./unittest:
 (gdb) bt
 #0  0x080604d2 in _D3std3uri10URI_EncodeFAwkZAa ()
 #1  0x0806093f in _D3std3uri6encodeFAaZAa ()
 #2  0x0806098c in _D3std3uri9unittest0FZv ()
 #3  0x080609c8 in _modtest_3std3uri ()
 #4  0x08052d2e in _moduleUnitTests ()
 #5  0x080524c9 in main ()
So, I tried adding an extra -g, and then DMD barfs ?
 dmd -c -O -g -release -unittest std/regexp.d
 Internal error: ../ztc/elfobj.c 1251
It probably should not crash, not even with all flags ? And "make unittest" should most likely delete libphobos.a and rebuild it using -unittest flag to DMD, to be useful... --anders PS. Trying to run linux.mak with the usual "make -j2" gives a few warnings:
 warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.
Dec 09 2004