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digitalmars.D.bugs - std.loader - portability patched

reply =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Anders_F_Bj=F6rklund?= <afb algonet.se> writes:
I ported loader.d to Darwin and Mac OS X.

I didn't bother changing any of the old code,
just cut-and-pasted the old linux version...

When the loader.d module gets the refactoring
it so well deserves, it should be easy to keep ?

I have used a lower case "darwin", since that
is what gdc sets. The old code used both cases:
"linux" and "Linux", which doesn't work in gdc.

On Mac OS X, there are both bundles (.bundle)
and dynamic libraries (.dylib). Bundles are more
similar to .so files, and occur in frameworks.
.dylib are stand-alone, but can't be unloaded...

I didn't have to add any extra libraries,
when I linked and ran the TestMain program.


PS. Surely the "null is symbol" is not necessary
     anymore, since "symbol = null" is an error ?
     "symbol == null" looks less like a riddle...
Oct 19 2004
parent "Walter" <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Thanks. Just so I don't screw up installing the patch, can you please email
me the darwin version of std.loader?
Oct 21 2004