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digitalmars.D.bugs - Compiler allows unused locals

reply "Lynn Allan" <l_d_allan adelphia.net> writes:
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On the documentation page:

Compile Time Checks
* Stronger type checking
* Explicit initialization required
* Unused local variables not allowed
* No empty ; for loop bodies
* Assignments do not yield boolean results
* Deprecating of obsolete API's

As of dmd ver 0.102, it seems like the compiler actually does allow
unused local variables and applies implicit initialization to local

#void main ()
#  int unused;   // compiler should complain?
#  int result;
#  int uninitialized;  // implicitly initialized to 0
#  result = uninitialized;  // compiler should complain?

Oct 14 2004
parent "Walter" <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Looks like a bug in the documentation. I'll fix it.
Oct 19 2004