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digitalmars.D.bugs - phobos: bug surfaced in _d_arraycopy

I recompiled phobos (dmd-0.102/gcc-3.3.2/linux) and unittest.d with the
"-unittest" flag enabled for all(including internal/gc/*.d) d-source files.

Run ./unittest and got an interesting error (only offending lines shown here):
 [_d_arraycopy] f = 0xbffff81c,2, t = 0x401a7ad4,4, size = 1
 <<== caught here <<==
 [_d_arraycopy] f = 0x8074384,20, t = 0x401a6a20,20, size = 1
 Error: lengths don't match for array copy
The actual data (ca. 500KB): http://dmd.kuehne.cn/phobos__bug_d_arraycopy.zip content: _d_arraycopy_bug.output.txt libphobos.a phobos___d_arraycopy_bug.diff unittest unitted.d unittest.o Thomas
Oct 07 2004