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digitalmars.D.announce - wxD 0.13 released

0.13 (afb)
Fixed linking with DMD 2 under Linux (-L)
Converted more of the samples to D2 syntax
Added projects for Xcode 2 (with D plugin)
Tested with SVN GDC, and DMD 1.030 / 2.019


This release was written with D1 / Phobos,
but will also compile under D2 / Tango...
Tested with wxWidgets 2.8.9 (use 2.6.4 up)
on Mac OS X and Linux, hopefully Windows

The DSSS build scripts seem to be having
some issues, but Makefiles are available.
It is also possible to use either of the
Xcode IDE or Code::Blocks environments.


PS. Released monday but somewhat delayed
     due to the SourceForge migrations...
Oct 02 2008