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digitalmars.D.announce - wxD 0.11 released

0.11 (afb)

Added "release" information to D versions
Support for DMD 1.016+ and "string" alias
Added new classes Thread (todo) and Timer
StyledText sample completed, by Mike Wey


This release updates wxWidgets to 2.8.4
(or use old 2.6.4 version) and also adds
support for DMD 1.016+ ("string" alias).

The StyledText sample has been updated so
that it works, and some new classes added.
Should build with Make/Build/DSSS/C::B...


Tested OK on Mac OS X, Windows XP, Fedora.
The wxSmith editor now works much better!


PS: No timeframe for wxD 1.0 or C::B 1.0,
     mgmt apologizes for any inconvenience.
Aug 22 2007