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digitalmars.D.announce - web-gmui 0.0.1 released

After 6 alpha release, Web-GMUI 0.0.1 was now released.

Web-GMUI is a web frontend for MLDonkey/aMule/giFT.
It offers a flexible HTML gui as well a JavaScript JSON gui
backed by various gui protocol implementations integrated into
a web server.

It's written in D1.0 (with Tango 0.99.5) except some plain HTML and 
JavaScript (with mootools).


Some Features:
- i18n
- customizable HTML and JavaScript/JSON gui
- everything in one binary
- for windows and Linux (32bit)
- supports SSL cryptography + BASIC authentification

- it's still early beta
- only MLDonkey is well supported atm.
- translations are not complete yet
- I'm not good at CSS ;-)
Mar 02 2008