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digitalmars.D.announce - updated release of raylib-d (v3.1.0 targeting raylib v3.7.0)

I just released an updated version of 
[raylib-d](https://code.dlang.org/packages/raylib-d) binding. This was 
completely regenerated using dstep from the raylib 3.7.0 sources, along 
with the hand-edits to keep it working, BIG thanks to contributor Soaku!

PLEASE NOTE: raylib 3.7.0 is binary incompatible with raylib 3.0.0. As 
such, you MUST use raylib-d v3.0.x to link with raylib v3.0.x, and you 
must use raylib-d v3.1.x to link with raylib v3.7.x. If you do not, it 
may actually link, but you might have memory corruption, as some of the 
changes were to struct layouts.

For reference, [raylib](https://www.raylib.com/) is a "simple and 
easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming."

I am not the original creator of this binding, but I used it to teach a 
class, and suddenly last year, the creator deleted his entire github 
account. This is a resurrected copy from the latest source before 
deletion, and I do not have tons of experience with the complete 
library, but I wanted it not to go away again.

The raylib-d binding contains some nice additions to the structures such 
as operator overloading.

Enjoy! And please file issues if you find anything.


P.S. We are looking for anyone who might want to maintain/test raygui, 
which seems to have been a recent addition to the binding, but none of 
us have experience with it. We are not sure if it still works properly, 
and it most certainly is not updated to whatever the official raygui 
library has in it.
Aug 20