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digitalmars.D.announce - scriptlike v0.10.2

Scriptlike is a utility library to help you write script-like programs in D.


Changes in v0.10.2:
- Enhancement: Added trace functions as debugging aid. Outputs file/line 
info and optionally a variable name/value. 

- Enhancement: Added isUserExec, isGroupExec and isWorldExec to check a 
file's executable bits on Posix. 

- Fixed: Make sure the example tests, when run in travis-ci, always use 
the current scriptlike commit, instead of using a scriptlike release 
from the published dub repos.

- Fixed: Docs weren't being correctly built for symlink, readLink, 
getTimesWin and trySymlink.

- Change: Removed outdated, messy and problematic "plain script" example.

Full changelog:
Mar 03 2017