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digitalmars.D.announce - rdub V2 released

V2 accepts multiple files and wildcard *.d on the command line.

RDUB is a front end for DUB, a D language build tool. It's 
designed to build source files specified on the command line, 
without having to edit the dub files: dub.json, dub.sdl, 
src/app.d, source/app.d

This tool is great for running examples and building/testing 
small projects! It's used in my other projects, dlang-beginners 
and dwtlib.

$ rdmd rdub -h

rdub is a front end for DUB, a D language build tool

rdub [-h] [path/foo.d ... path/fooN.d] | [path/*.d] [dub args]

-h --help This help information

rdub = run dub with defaults ./src/app.d or ./source/app.d

rdub path/foo.d = run dub as follows:

1. If first run, copy src to srcbak, and source to sourcebak
2. Delete src/ and source/ to avoid more than one main() file
3. Copy path/foo.d to ./src/foo.d
4. Run dub to build and run ./src/foo.d
5. Pass all [dub args] to dub, except: -h
May 16 2017