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digitalmars.D.announce - openquran 1.00-rc1


This is the release candidate 1 of openquran 1.00. I've spent most of my  
time porting the D code to JavaScript, because a DHTML app is probably  
more attractive and user-friendly than a sole console app (no pun intended  
:) ).


Version 1.00-rc1 (13 June 2007):
   * You can now generate a DHTML file with the Qur'an files your prefer.
     JavaScript will be included in the generated file in order to give you  
     experience of an offline dynamic application in your browser.
     You will be able to browse the Qur'an files from a chapter list, you
     can search them and you can enter a list of references to view the
     requested verses.
     Tested in the following browsers:
       - Opera 9.20
       - Firefox 2.0
       - IE 5.5 and 6.0
       - Konqueror 3.5.6
   * Changed format of Qur'an files. Older files are incompatible with this
   * Added Arabic original of the Qur'an.
   * Added English translations by Rev. John Rodwell, George Sale and
     Rashad Khalifa.
   * Updated Edip YĆ¼ksel's translation from his website.
   * Added chapter titles to all translations.
   * Feature: specify relative references with '+' (e.g. 1:3+4 = 1:3-7).
   * Author lists have to be separated with a space now.
   * Changed -r option to -rnd in show subcommand.
   * Use -r to restrict your query in the search subcommand.
   Bug fixes:
   * Fixed algorithm for merging match indices.
Jun 13 2007