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digitalmars.D.announce - native ZMBV video codec


last night i ported ZMBV video codec to D. ZMBV is videocodec invented
by DosBox team to record old videogames' gameplay. if you are into
writing "old-school" games, it can be handy to embed the
possibility to creating gameplay video directly in your game.

it's only codec for now (i.e. it can't write .avi files, only encoding
and decoding raw frame data). it's a port of GPLv3 code, so it is GPLv3
too, sorry. documentation is non-existent for now, but i'm planning to
add some samples along with .avi writer.

codec is using libc malloc()/realloc()/free() for it's internal data
(and tries not to allocate things very often). yet it throws alot of
exceptions on invalid input or output, so beware.

sorry for shitty code, it's a port of a port of a port, and it was made
in a hurry.

here is the source:

p.s. don't bother to pull other modules from the repo: they either not
finished/polished or not written in 'standard D' anyway.
Sep 23 2014