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digitalmars.D.announce - mysql-native v2.3.0 - With a request for assistance

Small update to mysql-native (A fully-D client library for MySQL/MariaDB 
that doesn't depend on any external MySQL/MariaDB libs).

The most interesting thing in v2.3.0 is that, thanks to  jpf91, the 
column names for a result set can now be obtained directly from the Row 
(via `Row.getName(columnIndex)`).

Aside from that, this release just involves some internal cleanups (with 
much more still to come) and a rather major reworking of the test runner 


One important note for mysql-native users to be aware of (And this goes 
for all of mysql-native, not just this particular version):

Starting with MySQL Server v8.0.4, the server's default authentication 
mechanism was changed. Unfortunately, mysql-native does not yet support 
this new authentication style. For now, if you have sufficient admin 
privileges for your DB server, you can temporarily work around the issue 
like this:


Naturally, I consider fixing this the current top priority for 
mysql-native. But as I've been rather busy lately I haven't had as much 
time for this as I would like, so I would encourage any able-bodied 
coders to please beat me to it! Other mysql-native users will be 
appreciative. More details on the issue here:



mysql-native Home on GitHub:

mysql-native on Dub:

mysql-native API reference:
Feb 24