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digitalmars.D.announce - mysql-native v1.1.4: Introduced auto-purge to fix a few problems

An all-D MySQL/MariaDB client library:


In v1.1.4:

Introduced auto-purge to fix a few problems.

before executing another statement? (As of this release, the answer 
changed from "sometimes" to "no") ( Abscissa)

early. ( Abscissa)

- Change: MySQLDataPendingException (aka, MYXDataPending) is no longer 
necessary, and no longer thrown. When issuing a command that 
communicates with the server while a ResultRange still has data pending, 
instead of throwing, mysql-native now automatically purges the range and 
safely marks it as invalid and no longer usable. This was changed in 

code nor require any changes. ( Abscissa)

- Change: Manually releasing a prepared statement is no longer 
guaranteed to notify the server immediately. In order to facilitate the 
above fixes, and avoid any nasty surprise with struct dtors triggering 
results purges implicitly, any release of prepared statements from the 
server is now queued until mysql-native can be certain no data is 
already pending. This change should neither break user code nor require 
any changes. ( Abscissa)

- Change: Prepared statements are no longer released automatically, due 

are tied to individual connections, and thus will die along with their 
connection, so manual release is not strictly necessary either. 
Accordingly, this change should neither break user code nor require any 
changes. ( Abscissa)

number of compiler versions tested on OSX. ( SingingBush)

Tentative plans for the next release (probably v1.2.0) include, among 
other things, removing the old deprecated APIs from pre-1.0, deprecating 
a few no-longer-needed things and some misc doc improvements.

Aside from those housekeeping details, my other next big priority is to 
finally tackle the awkwardness of combining prepared statements with 
connection pools. MySQL itself ties prepared statements to the 
individual connection that created them, and that's caused difficulties 
for connection pool users. So I'm thinking a connection-independent 
abstraction is warranted for prepared statements.

Mysql-native is made for its users, so if an issue is particularly 
pressing for you that you feel has been neglected, vote for your biggest 
bug-a-boo by pinging it:

(Or better yet, contribute!)
Dec 04 2017