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digitalmars.D.announce - mysql-native v1.0.0: Big refresh

mysql-native is now officially at v1.0.0!


mysql-native is a native D client driver for MySQL and MariaDB, usable 
either with or without vibe.d. It does not rely on the official C 
libraries, instead communicating directly with the server via the 
published MySQL client/server protocol.

This release is equal to rc4, but compared to the last official release, 
v0.1.7, this is a big update.

Summary of changes since v0.1.7:
- API overhauled for better safety, reliability and ease-of-use.
- Deprecated and replaced entire Command struct with better design.
- Better handling of null.
- Improved/expanded docs.
- Various bugs fixed.
- More rigorous test suite.

Users of v0.1.7 should find that most, if not all, of their code still 
works, albiet with many deprecation messages directing them to the newer 
equivalents. The old, deprecated APIs will be removed in a future 
release, but are still usable in v1.0.0.

Full changelog is here:

Overview and example code:

API reference:

Usage in dub:
dependency "mysql-native" version="~>1.0.0"
Feb 26 2017