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digitalmars.D.announce - msgpack-ll: Low level nogc, nothrow, safe, pure, betterC

Hello list,

msgpack-ll is a new low-level  nogc, nothrow,  safe, pure and betterC
compatible MessagePack serializer and deserializer. The library was
designed to avoid any external dependencies and handle the low-level
protocol details only. It only depends the phobos bigEndianToNative and
nativeToBigEndian templates from std.bitmanip. It uses an optimized API
to avoid any runtime bounds checks and still be 100% memory safe.

The library doesn't have to do any error handling or buffer management
and never dynamically allocates memory. It's meant as a building block
for higher level serializers (e.g. vibeD data.serialization) or as
a high-speed serialization library. The github README shows a quick
overview of the generated ASM for serialization and deserialization.

dub: http://code.dlang.org/packages/msgpack-ll
github: https://github.com/jpf91/msgpack-ll
api: https://jpf91.github.io/msgpack-ll/msgpack_ll.html

-- Johannes
Apr 17 2017