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digitalmars.D.announce - mir-algorithm v3.7.30: mir.date, squeeze, unsqueeze

mir.date [1] is a rework of the Phobos Date type with the 
following features:

1. ABI and mangling compatibility with Boost's date type

2. BetterC compatible

3. ASDF (JSON) (de)serialization support

4. reworked all (to/from)String methods, added nothrow and  nogc 

5. `toString` is the alias for `toISOExtString` instead of 

6. Added universal `fromString` that parses ISO, Extended ISO, 
and Simple date strings.

`squeeze` and `unsqueeze` has been added to mir.ndslice.topology 

[1] http://mir-algorithm.libmir.org/mir_date.html
[2] http://mir-algorithm.libmir.org/mir_ndslice_topology.html

This work has been sponsored by Symmetry Investments and Kaleidic 
Apr 19