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digitalmars.D.announce - minor gdcmac updates

Since GDC 0.20 is taking a while, I posted
two minor updates to the gdcmac site at SF:

* gdc-0.19-mac-universal.dmg (Mac OS X 10.4)

This is just a package for David Friedman's
GDC, since my own "Universal" build failed.
(Earlier I had posted the PowerPC and Intel
compilers separately, this is both-in-one)

* gdc-trunk-r20-mac-10.3.dmg (Mac OS X 10.3)

This is an unstable build from the GDC SVN,
that was updated to around DMD 166 or so...
I just built a package of it, since it was
requested in order to play with Bud/DSSS.

Packages at http://gdcmac.sourceforge.net/
(both of these released earlier as source)

Nov 16 2006