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digitalmars.D.announce - looking for some help with BackMath

reply BCS <ao pathlink.com> writes:
In working on my backmath library I have realized that the number of cases 
I will need to deal with is huge (~1k). I'm wondering if anyone would be 
willing to help work on it. Much of the work is not vary complicated and 
doesn't requiter a lot of skill, it's just repetitive. Also I plan on
formal proofs of correctness so there will be a safety net to help with

If anyone is interested, tell me and I'll post the stuff that is needed to 
do the work. (The work would be done in LISP so anyone working on it would 
need a LISP interpreter, but that's not hard to get.)

Dec 26 2007
next sibling parent BCS <ao pathlink.com> writes:
I have posted the lisp code needed to generate the logic for backmath. There 
is some comments in "meta.lisp" that show how to work with it. If you are 
interested in working on this, please contact me before you start so we can 
avoid duplicating work.


to run it, dump it into a common lisp interpreter:
$(CL) < gen_code_for_template.lisp
Dec 27 2007
prev sibling parent BCS <ao pathlink.com> writes:
I just committed a fix to a bug in BackMath. If you are using it, update 
now. The old version is broken.
Dec 28 2007