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digitalmars.D.announce - iopipe v 0.0.3 released

Updated in this release:

* The buffer manager is more sane about allocating memory. It will limit 
growth to doubling. Previously if you asked it to allocate enough memory 
to hold size_t.max, it would try to do it. I'm still mulling over how to 
handle specific requests (i.e. I *know* I want this much data to start 
out with).
* Added support for using Allocator.realloc. This means if you use 
Mallocator as your buffer allocator, it will use realloc if possible. 
This can generate huge speedups as less copying may be necessary.
* unzip now supports concatenated gzip streams. This was a bit complex, 
and I've only tested it on one file, so please report bugs if you find any.
* Fixed some possible integer overflow bugs.


Jan 04 2018