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digitalmars.D.announce - godot-dlang v0.2.0

reply evilrat <evilrat666 gmail.com> writes:

This release includes support for Godot 4 RC

godot-dlang is a wrapper over Godot engine scripting API using new
native extensions feature, simply put you can now extend engine 
using native code in a shared library form.

Games primarily, 2d games, 3d games, large-scale open world 

But wait, because Godot includes various multimedia features and 
has a very rich GUI toolkit
you can use it to build any kind of multimedia apps, use it as a 
GUI for your programs,
build simulation programs, and much more!

Godot is a modular open source game engine with permissive 
license (MIT).

Godot 4 is the latest version of Godot is now entered 
stabilization phase, it still might have some API changes before 
release but otherwise it is now a good time to start new 
projects, final 4.0 release can be expected within 1-2 months.

(scroll down to downloads section, use standard build if you 


godot-dlang source code

also available in dub
Feb 24
parent WebFreak001 <d.forum webfreak.org> writes:
On Saturday, 25 February 2023 at 07:45:24 UTC, evilrat wrote:

Awesome! Thanks for the great work on this. Godot is one of my favorite game engines to work with (for small Game Jams at least) Seeing updates to Godot 4 is great to see ahead of the stable release! I also see there is still a bunch to work on, recently I haven't had much time for this, but I will see if I can help out somewhere ^^
Feb 25