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digitalmars.D.announce - ev.d: libev bindings for the D Programming Language (0.1).

Hi! I'm pleased to announce this non-release of ev.d 0.1. It's a
non-release because I didn't had the time to put up a website and a nice
tarball yet, but the project is now in a git repository[1].

The 0.1 version includes a new D-ish API, which I think it came out pretty
nice (feedback is appreciated), founded in module ev.d. The plain C API is
now founded in the ev.c module and remained almost untouched (besides
minor bugfixes and an update to work with libev 3.0, for now libev 2.0 is
not supported anymore, but in the future I probably add a few "version"
here and there to keep backward compatibility, when possible).

You can still download git-generated tarballs, hitting on the "snapshot"
link for any state of the repository. You can get a tag too, for example

Documentation is still missing, but there are a 2 (really small) test
programs (one for the C API[3] and one for the D API[4]), and a few
unittest where you can get ideas from.

I hope you like it and, again, feedback is well appreciated.

[1] http://git.llucax.com.ar/?p=software/ev.d.git;a=summary
[2] http://git.llucax.com.ar/?p=software/ev.d.git;a=snapshot;h=1f71e78e1609bd6ecd125286459baf1b7785f764;sf=tgz
[3] http://git.llucax.com.ar/?p=software/ev.d.git;a=blob;f=ctest.d;h=aede490f04d0c7afcf50771d90769a6d2a59e550;hb=1f71e78e1609bd6ecd125286459baf1b7785f764
[4] http://git.llucax.com.ar/?p=software/ev.d.git;a=blob;f=dtest.d;h=0eb7a35670af032b49b7d36d28258bc24ceb0151;hb=1f71e78e1609bd6ecd125286459baf1b7785f764

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