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digitalmars.D.announce - dlang-requetst v0.5.3 released

reply ikod <geller.garry gmail.com> writes:

Since last announced version 0.5.1 several bugfixes and 
improvements were added:

1. Improvement: "bind" local address enabled on outgoing 
connections (https://github.com/ikod/dlang-requests/issues/51)

2. Improvement: SNI for ssl connection implemented, as some 
servers require SNI 

3. Bugfix: Segfault fetching some URLs 

4. Improvement: you do not need openssl at all if you do not use 
https (https://github.com/ikod/dlang-requests/issues/53)

5. Minor fixes for dmd v2.076.0

6. Docs on the wiki were cleaned up and made more actual.

dlang-requests is HTTP/FTP client library, inspired by 
python-requests with goals:

small memory footprint
simple, high level API
native D implementation
Sep 12 2017
parent Jack Applegame <japplegame gmail.com> writes:
Sep 13 2017