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digitalmars.D.announce - difflib-d: Port of Python's difflib

Howdy all :)

We recently encountered an interesting issue during development 
of our automated packaging tool, (`boulder new`). The computation 
time for levenshteinDifference severely impeded performance when 
scanning LICENSE files and matching them with the SPDX data set.

As an experiment, we've begun porting Python's difflib to D and 
it can be found here:


It's a bit ugly internally right now but it does implement the 
bare basics, i.e. `SequenceMatcher` with the following APIs:

     - `longestMatch` - Return the longest match between two 
     - `matchingBlocks` - Return Match[] of all encountered matches
     - `ratio` - Similarity between two sequences, 0.0f-1.0f

Anyway, thought it may come in handy for people in future, so if 
there's interest
we can flesh it out beyond our own use case. :)
Jun 21