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digitalmars.D.announce - diamondmvc.org has been launched - Also release of Diamond MVC v2.8.5

I'm happy to announce that Diamond finally has its own website, 
that is hosted as a Diamond project, instead of a Github-page!

It can be found here: http://diamondmvc.org/

The website is open-source and can be used as a reference on how 
to use Diamond, although it doesn't use a lot of "advanced" 
features as of now.

The website project can be found here: 

On top of that v2.8.5 has been released which comes with some 
task functionality.

Since last announcement v2.8.1 the following has also been added:

* Special placeholders for i18n
* File uploading improvements

Thanks to everyone who has helped Diamond getting where it is, 
whether it has been through contributions to Diamond's 
dependencies, the d programming language or anything else!
Mar 31 2018