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digitalmars.D.announce - Very tiny script for testing D projects with Pijul version control

reply Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
GIT IMHO very heavy for tiny projects. And I decided to try 
I am developing on Windows, but I need to test code on Linux. So 
I did very simple tool-chain:
Developing on Windows.
Making package with command: `pijul dist -d latest`
Syncing code to Linux VPS/VirtualBox instance with WinSCP.
Running next script that replace content of folder with latest 
version from archive.
Unpacking with: `unpack latest.tar.gz`

Place next script to: /usr/local/bin/unpack

if [ ${1: -7} == ".tar.gz" ]
      tar --strip-components=1 -xf latest.tar.gz
      echo "You should specify archive name"
      echo $1

latest.tar.gz should be placed in app dir folder on the same 
level with `sourse` folder.

Hope this will helpful!
Oct 14 2017
parent reply Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
Here is Windows .bat file that complete uploading project to 
server with SSH:

 echo off
for %%a in ("%cd%") do set folder=%%~na
winscp.com /command "open sftp://root:PassW0rd" 
"put latest.tar.gz /code/%folder%/" "exit"

Local folder name should be same with remote name. It's 
auto-detect in second line.

So you can copy-paste this script to any project without 

D:\code\app1 will try to upload `latest.tar.gz` to /code/app1
D:\code\myapp will try to upload `latest.tar.gz` to /code/myapp

And so on.
Oct 14 2017
parent reply Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
Could anybody help me? I decided to use key-auth instead 
pass-auth. But when I run next command I am getting error:

winscp.com /command "open devuser" 
/privatekey=C:\Users\dev\.ssh\my_private_key.ppk "put 
latest.tar.gz /home/devuser/folder" "exit"

about wrong syntax.
Jan 26 2018
parent Suliman <evermind live.ru> writes:
Good news!
Working version:

 echo off
for %%a in ("%cd%") do set folder=%%~na
winscp.com /command  "open devuser 
-privatekey=C:\Users\suliman\.ssh\123.ppk" "put latest.tar.gz 
/home/devuser/folder/" "exit"

1. File-name hard-coded
2. WinSCP should be installed and added to PATH
Feb 02 2018