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digitalmars.D.announce - Stewart's Utility Library 0.03 release

I've lately found myself adding code to my apps to get around the stdin
bug in Win9x.


And so I've decided to write a few classes to do this automagically.
The new smjg.libs.util.console is a layer over the C file API,
specifically for stdin, stdout and stderr, which autodetects whether to
apply the fix and also deals with the other Windows I/O problem:
translation between the OEM codepage and UTF-8.

(No, I hadn't given up on developing TextStream for Indigo - just got
too tied up in other projects.  But what I've written is something for
the meantime at least.)

Also new to version 0.03 is a hash set template.  Oh, and an update or
two to current DMD.


Dec 14 2006