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digitalmars.D.announce - SkyIDE Beta 12 (Reloaded) Released

Hello friends,

I am happy to announce the release of SkyIDE Beta 12, Codename: Reloaded.
Probably about 50% of the code has been completely re-written from scrach in
beta 12.

I really need testers to report bugs ASAP so I can fix them ane make it work
properly if it doesn't.
For new users, SkyIDE supports Digital Mars D. Of course feedback is greatly

SkyIDE runs on Windows 2000+

In Beta 12 the interface has been polished with the new project explorer,
history and favorite panes + new bookmarking
method (highlighting the whole line instead of a putting a dot only).

Download: http://www.skyide.com/downloads/SkyIDE_Beta.zip

Latest Screenshot: http://www.skyide.com/images/official.png

                   http://www.skyide.com:80/images/temp/bookmark.png (new
bookmarking method)

Release Notes:

+ Brand new project manager...completely re-written. - The entire "folder"
and subfolders and all files within the folder and subfolders are part of a
SkyIDE project so every single file and folder within the project folder is
automatically part of SkyIDE's project because they reside inside the
project folder. You can add files within the project folder using any file
manager and they simply become part of the project because every single file
and folder is part of the project. This make SkyIDE projects very portable!

+ Folders are shown in a tree-like view.
+ Project Propertites next to the new Project Exlorer

+ Import Foreign Project - converts almost any non-SkyIDE project to a
SkyiDE project

+ Brand new Favorites and History panes. Completely re-written
+ Move To The Recycle Bin" on Tab->Right Click popup menu
+ Bookmaking a line now highlights the whole line instead of putting a dot
+ Deleting files/folders from project now are all moved to the Recycle Bin
+ Set #include directory in SkyIDE->Options
+ Set Source directory in SkyIDE->Options
+ Project directory text fields in "New Project" dialog are set by default
+ Add New Folder dialog (as part of the new project manager)
+ Explore your project folders/files in a Tree View-like style

+ Project Explorer has a second tab that lets you view/set some project

+ Customized "Browse for Folder" dialog when seleting project folders (test)

+ Self Repairing Projects function if corrupted project is found -
(preliminary work)

Fixed: Sometimes when changing compiler profile names, projects no longer

Fixed: Some minor bugs in SkyIDE->Compiler PRofiles dialog box
Fixed: When you search via F3/F4, SkyIDE sometimes would freeze
Fixed: When you rename a project, the project's folder also gets renamed
Fixed: Fixed bugs with "for" loop detection
Fixed: Access Violation bug fixed sometimes when closing tabs
Fixed: /* int statements_like_this_in_a_comment_like_this */ got detected
Fixed: A few start up bugs fixed

Improved: Object Viwer no longer forgets which tab was active when switching

Improved: The SkyIDE->Compilers dialog box. Re-arranged some buttons to make
more sense

Improved: Adjusted the left margin of the editor
Improved: A few touch ups on the GUI - more polished
Improved: The Add New Project File dialog (as part of the new project

Improved: "Find Function declaration" re-written (again)
Improved: "Open / Show Main File" and "Open / Show Header File"
Improved: Re-organised the right click menu of the editor
Improved: The Project Menu has been re-arranged
Improved: The right click project popup menu also has been improved. Much

Improved: History an Favorites are now in one tab
Apr 04 2007