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On Monday, 6 September 2021 at 16:59:26 UTC, SealabJaster wrote:

 Since SDLang is quite closely related to D, as D is one of the 
 only real users of it, I felt this was "D appropriate" enough 
 to post.

Thanks for the nice work, I try compare this with a few other options: 1. hcl 2. cue 3. Jsonnet 4. Dhall I find cue is the most promise one, but it only has go impelement. cue can verify data with type at once. If we can use ctfe generate cue schema by struct like `toml-foolery` and auto parse it into D value, it will be a killer feature to attract more people to use D
May 02
parent singingbush <singingbush hotmail.com> writes:
It's worth pointing out that SDL (as in Simple Declarative 
Language) isn't being actively developed anymore. I reached out 
to Daniel Leuck about it a few years ago as there were a few 
things I'd wanted to see in an updated spec. There was some 
discussion about an updated specification for SDL but in the end 
it was decided that development would focus a family of languages 
under the name of Ki. One of which, [Ki Data 
(KD)](https://github.com/kixi-io/Ki.Docs/wiki/Ki-Data-(KD)), is 
essentially the newer replacement for SDL. As shown in the linked 
documentation, a `*.kd` file is similar to `*.sdl` but there is 
far more documentation about the newer standard.
May 02