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digitalmars.D.announce - Second Round Review of CURL Wrapper

I volunteered ages ago to manage the review for the second round of 
Jonas Drewsen's CURL wrapper.  After the first round it was decided 
that, after a large number of minor issues were fixed, a second round 
would be necessary.

Significant open issues:

1.  Should libcurl be bundled with DMD on Windows?

2.  etc.curl, std.curl, or std.net.curl?  (We had a vote a while back 
but it was buried deep in a thread and a lot of people may have missed 
it:  http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=4ebd3219011eb0e4518d35ab )

Code: https://github.com/jcd/phobos/blob/curl-wrapper/etc/curl.d
Docs: http://freeze.steamwinter.com/D/web/phobos/etc_curl.html

For those of you on Windows, a libcurl binary built by DMC is available 
at http://gool.googlecode.com/files/libcurl_7.21.7.zip.

Review starts now and ends on December 16, followed by one week of 
voting.  __Please post all reviews to digitalmars.D, not to the 
announcement forum.__
Dec 02 2011