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digitalmars.D.announce - SDWF 0.60 release

I don't know how it's ended up being this long between successive SDWF 
releases!  Consider this an update to set the ball rolling again.

Now that the Windows API bindings on Dsource have developed, I figured it 
was time that SDWF should use these bindings.  So now it does.  This might 
also help to pave the way for Unicode support at some time in the unknown 

Support for D2 has been revamped.  Well, the version of D2 that was active 
from DMD 2.006 until DMD 2.019, anyway.  DMD 2.020 is too buggy to support. 
Functions generally use two kinds of string parameters:
- string, defined as invariant(char)[]
- cstring, defined as const(char)[]
These are both defined simply as char[] for D1.  D2 support is still at a 
pre-alpha stage; it's possible that what uses which of these types (along
with plain char[]) will change in the future.

The other changes are fairly small additions, mostly in the dialog control 


For not the first time, I'm in need of feature suggestions.  So what would 
you like to see in SDWF?

Happy programming!


My e-mail address is valid but not my primary mailbox.  Please keep replies 
on the 'group where everybody may benefit. 
Nov 09 2008